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Adam Whiting

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Adam Whiting, a native of Scituate MA, is a singer-songwriter with roots that delve deep into the classical music culture.  In 2001, Adam received a Bachelor of Music Degree in Guitar Performance from North Carolina School of the Arts.  He then moved to New York City where he taught music and guitar lessons in Queens for three years before returning to North Carolina.

Adam’s playing style is an eclectic mix of multiple elements that have inspired him.  His classical training is well represented in his songs with intricate fingerstyle patterns, moving melodies, and thoughtful lyrics that accommodate to all audiences.  Since moving to Charlotte, Adam has been recognized as one of the city’s most sought after guitar instructors and has had the opportunity to perform consistently in Charlotte and throughout the Southeast.  

His latest release, Civilian, showcases his transition from classical guitarist to folk singer-songwriter, proving to listeners that he can fluently wear both hats.  


The classically trained Whiting has a nice knack for weblike fingerstyle fingerings, melancholic melodies and a muted stage presence that nonetheless speaks of his command.  Not quite folk, not quite roots, but not a sterile music school machine gunner either.  Whiting’s sound is in fact all of the above: Folk in its earnestness, roots in its respectful take and accomplished in its pedigree. 
- Creative Loafing

It would be tempting to define Adam Whiting as a diamond in the rough. There is, after all, a pleasing edginess to his playing. A rough and tumble quality surges through his direct and highly original approach to making music. His clear edge comes not from lack of polish, but from an intuitive grasp of exactly when to obsess and when to let go. Listen carefully and you will hear an artist making sophisticated choices every second of the way. The result is a seductive balance between raw and defined. A meticulously crafted, rough-hewn sheen radiates from every track. It’s push and pull, give and take. It’s like life, and it’s irresistible.
- Jennifer Foster, WDAV

On his second album, Charlotte musician Adam Whiting completes his transition from classical guitarist to singer-songwriter. The result is a more fully realized disc that illustrates time spent working out his songs in coffeehouses and intimate venues like The Evening Muse. Although based in folk, this isn't simply a folk album. "Simple Song" packs a soulful, gospel punch. Others toy with Americana and trip-hop. "Two Crows" verges into VH1 ready piano pop. In fact, Whiting's impressive sophomore effort would fit snugly between the pop of The Fray and the stripped-down acoustic work of European singer-songwriter/guitarist Jose Gonzalez.
- Courtney Devores, The Charlotte Observer

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